Automate Marketing, Automate Sales Pipelines, Increase Revenue, and Improve Customer Experience.

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Increase gross with proven online marketing stategies. Improve and automate customer experience. Increase front end and back end margins through automation.

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DealerSocket's turn key platform helps with your processes streamlines workflows saving you time and cost creating a better more profitable customer experience.

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Find out why DealerSocket is the best in the industry. Cutting Edge Software, Award Winning Support, and Just Better Solutions. Talk to one of our experts 866.813.1429.

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Leverage marketing automation technology to create profitable opportunities designed to contact the right customer with the right message at the right time.

  • Create different follow-up paths unique to each customer
  • Ensure all opportunities are being followed up with
  • Stay connected during the entire customer lifecycle


A data service program that enriches sold and prospect files by performing NCOA, DNC registry, and appends email addresses & mobile phone numbers.

  • Enrich customer contact information
  • Increase contact rates
  • Reduce returned mail

Socket Talk

A texting and internal messaging solutions that integrates seamlessly with all DealerSocket features and products.

  • Opt-in required to keep your dealership compliant
  • All texts logged in work notes, not on sales reps’ phones
  • Instant message staff within dealership and/or group

Marketplace Email

A library containing 1,000+ professionally designed templates which are tested for high inbox placement on all major internet service providers (ISPS) and email clients. Categories are specific to milestones within the customer lifecycle and events throughout the year.

  • Designs available to match each dealership’s unique brand
  • Beautifully designed
  • Track open and click-through rates

Marketplace Social

Protect your online reputation and connect with your customers through social media to grow your business.

  • Escalate negative survey responses to dealership management for quick resolution.
  • Direct positive survey responses to DealerRater, Yelp and Google to improve your online reputation.


Display detailed comparisons of multiple lease and retail options to maximize profitability and CSI while decreasing the time it takes to finalize a deal.

  • Quickly and simply provide customer with trade evaluation
  • Present payment matrix to customer and put the choice in their hands
  • Increase customer confidence with a professional presentation


Inventory Management software, including AAX, that provides opportunities to maximize the value of your inventory investment every step of the way.

  • Expedite appraisal process and maximize bottom line
  • Powerful analytics to price vehicles for the most profit
  • Multiplatform listing tool helps increase exposure, sell more cars and avoid potential penalties


Contact customers and automate your internet lead follow-up process through customizable lead-routing capabilities, all in a timely manner.

  • Route your leads by vehicle, source and schedule
  • Notify your team when web-leads are received, emails are opened, and prices are reduced
  • Create a safety net by automatically reassigning leads, escalating untouched web-leads, and redirecting non-responders

Mobile Sales

A native app designed to enable a salesperson and/or manager to perform all essential responsibilities from their mobile device.

  • Speed up the deal process and improve customer satisfaction with your mobile device
  • Scan VIN on the trade-in vehicle
  • Send e-brochures, browse inventory, text customers, and complete follow-up all from your mobile device

Sales Management

Manage dealership performance with a centralized view of all metrics that lead to a sale. Mentor and view each reps daily checkout process and start working deals from your interactive desk log.

  • Sales Console – View your dealership’s traffic, follow-up and other KPIs on one dashboard
  • Sales Checkout – Create a culture of accountability at your dealership by setting a benchmark and using DealerSocket to track your team’s performance
  • Desk Log – An electronic version of your paper desk log that allows you to track all your deals, push them to your DMS and start the negotiation process in DealerSocket Desking

Mobile DL Scan

Save time and never leave a customer waiting by quickly capturing more data from a prospect’s driver’s license directly from your mobile device.

  • Photograph the front and back of driver’s license with your mobile device
  • Customer information and DL picture automatically transfers to DealerSocket CRM
  • Customer information is instantly secured


Leverage big data to measure your operation to other stores within your group and across the nation by brand, region and size.

  • My Enterprise – Group metrics in one location. Set goals and benchmarks. Email reports to key players. Set and compare reporting groups
  • My Rank – Visualize KPIs by key focus areas and time frames, rank against similar or top performing dealerships and set measurable goals for your staff
  • Harness large volumes of information in novel ways to produce insights to enable better decision making

Call Management & Web Analyzer

Track, log, record, and map all incoming calls into your dealership and automatically notify assigned salespeople of missed calls.

  • Call Management – Track and record all inbound and outbound calls by rep through CRM
  • Website Tracking – Tie a phone call to a keyword to optimize PPC campaigns to phone calls
  • Car Wars – Improve sales rep’s phone skills through a competition-based call-tracking platform
  • Service Setter – Book more service appointments by identifying missed opportunities and making service staff members better on the phone

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